• Getting A1 for Chinese in the Singapore context?

    At Inspiren, our bilingual teachers use a variety of teaching methods to help students improve in their grammar and structure in Chinese writing and broaden their vocabulary in an inspiring, innovative and insightful manner.


    Being from the MOE system with experience in oral and written exam invigilation and marking, our teachers also help tighten students' grasp of the school syllabus.


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  • Why choose us?

    Unique teaching methods that work

    Chinese Strenghthening techniques + exam skills

    ✔Native understanding of Chinese words and expressions.

    ✔Picking up of proper grammar and sentence structure.

    ✔Learning to speak and write confidently.

    ✔Acing essay writing and comprehension questions.

    Highly-qualified and deeply-experienced teachers

    Relevant subject speciality

    ✔University graduates with Chinese specialisation (and NIE certification)

    ✔Former MOE teachers

    ✔Effectively bilingual and versatile, with full-time teaching experience

    ✔Thorough understanding of MOE teaching syllabus and examination techniques



    ✔Excelled in teaching Chinese language at Secondary and JC levels

    Achievements of our students

    At least 2 grade improvements in 3 months

    Wide range of students from varying backgrounds

    ✔Rapid improvements from pass to A.

    ✔High percentage of distinctions at school and national exams.

    ✔Satisfied students of the O and A Level national exams.

    Full range of students from different backgrounds

    Secondary and JCs all over Singapore

    IP/non-IP Higher Chinese students from Hwa Chong, RGS, Anglican High, Dunman High;


    Secondary Chinese students from ACS, Methodist Girls' School, SJI;


    JC H1 Chinese students from Temasek JC, Innova JC, St Andrew's JC, etc.

    Convenient and conducive learning environment

    • North Bridge Centre, Bugis | 3 mins walk from Bugis MRT (EW/DT Line) 
    • Situated opposite the National Library.
    • Newly-furbished and conducive classrooms.
    • No agency or administration fees. 
    • No material fees. 
  • The Singapore Chinese Exam Method™


    Having marked O Level Chinese exam papers and examined consecutive years of O Level Oral Exam as a MOE school teacher, Inspiren CEO Teacher Jaye is highly familiar with the Secondary school syllabus.


    Being Singapore-born, Jaye is also effectively bilingual and can explain words, idioms and passages clearly in both languages.


    Through guiding students from various backgrounds, Jaye found that the most common problem amongst students is the serious lack of vocab and grammar skills, and this is something that most exam drilling and tuition, cannot help in as students only keep doing practice papers without improving their language standards overall. Most of them still cannot comprehend the passages and questions in the exam paper.


    Jaye felt the urgent and essential need to build a strong foundation in a child's Chinese in terms of language and vocab use, before embarking on practices.


    Some topics in our Singapore Chinese Exam Method™ include:

    Names of Places and Countries (In Chinese) |

    Action words and position phrases (How to say it right in Chinese) |

    Adverbs (Word/phrase-joining in Chinese) |

    Speaking vs Writing (Differences in wording/phrasing) |

    Chinese characters (How to recognise and remember better) |

    Strokes and sizes (How to write Chinese characters the right way) |

    Reading and comprehending |

    Prose and story construction |

    Logical thinking and comprehension |

    Tackling Cloze (Words with similar meanings/characters) |

    Functional and argumentative writing |

    Oral presentation and reasoning skills |

    Vocabulary practice (Based on required school curriculum)













    ✔母语式理解华文词汇与表达 ✔能自主学习新词汇及有效阅读 ✔能自信地进行口头与书面表达 ✔掌握回答阅读理解题目的技巧及方法



    地方名称 | 方位表达 | 副词 | 说与写的不同 | 认字 | 笔划 | 篇章理解与逻辑思维能力 | 故事构建及文字书写 | 词汇分辨与综合填空 | 实用文表达 | 口试及意见发表能力 | 议论文综合能力 | 词汇练习 (根据学校教学内容)

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  • Chinese Exam Method™ Classes

  • Inspiren's ACS student gets distinction for Chinese for the first time.

    Chinese Exam Group Training Method

    1. Interactive component :

    We all know textbooks today are so different from those of yester-years. Today's education landscape also emphasises a lot on collaborative learning and peer sharing. Your child will most likely land in a job that requires him to work with many stakeholders and colleagues, and present in front of a large audience, rather than a solo work project. Groupwork skills and interactive engagement are essential skills that not only help learning, but also help in their future careers.


    2. Creativity :

    What makes a child gain more knowledge and experience in the world? Hearing from peers and learning from others. While the teacher can do all the talking and cite all the examples, hearing it from someone of the same age group helps give the child a sense of relation and is something he can easily link and associate with. The brainstorming of ideas in the group sessions help spark creative juices and new ideas in their work of writing and even speaking.


    3. Less stress on the student :

    Would you rather your child feel 'pressurised to perform' or 'prove himself' during every 1-1 tuition lesson, or would you rather him go and 'enjoy a lesson in a group and have fun while learning'? All qualified educators would recommend the latter as a more effective and holistic approach to educating and acquiring knowledge and wisdom. Imagine yourself attending a Korean or Arabic lesson on your own, versus having a whole class to chat and mix and share learning insights with - the answer should be obvious!


    4. Leadership :

    21st century workplaces are all about leadership. So many corporate relationships turn sour due to lack of leadership effectiveness; and so many companies fail as a result of poor corporate management. A child who can learn to facilitate, support and lead, is way ahead of others in terms of personal and corporate qualities. And these can only be honed through the frequent exercise of such qualities in none other than the classroom.


    5. Attentiveness :

    We all know home is a place for shelter and rest - and alas, it is also a place for leisure and play! Sometimes, the home can just be a little too 'comfortable' to get children into the 'mood' for learning. An external envrionment that is conducive facilitates the learning process by setting the child's mind and soul right, and he has less 'lackadaisical' tendency.


    6: Peer learning and support :

    This is by far the most important and relevant reason why group lessons are better than individual 1-1 lessons. Studies have shown that learning in a group, especially one with varying learning levels and abilities, helps all children in the class learn better: "Mixed-level classes can help everyone learn more. The lower-level learners will be pushed more than if they were alone, and the higher-level learners can solidify their knowledge by helping others."


    7: Quality guarantee and zero agency fees :

    Most tuition agencies engage 1-1 tutors because it is easier to facilitate and they get to earn a lucrative 50% off the first month of a tutor's tuition fees. That is a substantial sum of money, and in fact gives the agency an incentive to help parents find more 1-1 tutors, even if it means parents keep changing tutors. Also as a result, tutors' quality is hard to control and monitor as agencies work on a one-off basis with these tutors. Whereas, for centre/group lessons, the teaching staff would need to guard his teaching and the centre is entirely responsible and accountable of teaching quality. Group lessons are also generally priced lower than 1-1.

  • Our Courses Buffet

    Chinese Journalism/ Current Affairs Workshop

    [Course code: IC111]

    ✔Special training in critical reading and writing.

    ✔To hone knowledge and interest in current affairs and skills in opinion expression, and argumentative/discursive writing.

    ✔3-month workshop.
    ✔Payment to be made on a monthly basis.

    ✔Materials include news articles and past-year exam model essays.

    ✔Exercises include speaking in front of an audience, news reporting, news analysis, opinion/essay writing.


    Critical/Logical Thinking Workshop

    [Course code: IC112]

    ✔Special training in critical and logical thinking.

    ✔To hone thinking skills to aid understanding and deciphering of comprehension passages and questions.

    ✔1-month workshop. Payment to be made upfront.

    ✔Materials include schools' past-year and centre's own comprehension questions with thinking elements.

    ✔Exercises include deciphering meanings, critical reading, logical thinking, and comprehension-questions tackling.


    Sec 1-4 Chinese Crash Course

    [Course code: IC113]

    ✔Comprehensive coverage of basic skills in composition, comprehension and oral.

    ✔To hone skills in essay-brainstorming and ideas-generation, confident expression at oral exams and comprehension answering techniques.

    ✔2-hr workshop. Payment to be made upfront.

    ✔Materials include unique notes compiled by Inspiren.

    ✔Exercises include little writing exercises and other practices.



    Bilingual city tour for Secondary students

    [Course code: IC114]

    ✔One-day course (2-3hrs)

    ✔Secondary and tertiary students

    ✔Tour of Singapore's city scape

    ✔Brief introduction to Singapore's history and education system

    ✔Mandarin conversations

    ✔Bilingual worksheets


    Self-Help Study Skills Workshop (English/Chinese)

    [Course code: IC110]

    ✔Training and counselling in study habits and steps.

    ✔To find out a child's inner strengths and weaknesses, and hone knowledge in self-help, self-care and self-learning skills and habits.

    ✔1-day workshop (2 hours).
    ✔Payment to be before start of lesson.

    ✔Materials include personality tests, instructional notes and worksheets.

    ✔Exercises include voicing out one's personal and studies' problems, drawing resolution plans and reasonable targets.


    Understanding Chinese History Through 9 Individuals

    (Corporate Course) [Course code: CO109]

    ✔Conducted in English.

    ✔Attend as individual or company.

    ✔10-week course to get a brief understanding of the ancient history of China.

    ✔Brief Chinese history told through the stories of 9 unqiue individuals who each represent a turning point in Chinese history.

    ✔2-hr lessons each week touching on: time, space, individuals, as well as the role of power, bureacracy and ideology in the different stages of change and transformation in Chinese history.

    More details.


    Call/Whatsapp |+65 9831 8018 for queries.

    Chinese Journalism Workshop

    To hone knowledge and interest in current affairs and skills in opinion expression, and argumentative/discursive writing.

    Critical Thinking Workshop

    To hone thinking skills to aid understanding and deciphering of comprehension passages and questions.

    Self-Help Study Skills Workshop

    To find out a child's inner strengths and weaknesses, and hone knowledge in self-help, self-care and self-learning skills and habits.

    Brief Chinese history told through the stories of 9 unqiue individuals who each represent a turning point in Chinese history.

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    Free Consultation for Parents

    We do conduct free consultation sessions for parents who want to find out more about how to help their child, or are unsure what kind of help their child needs, especially pertaining to the learning of Chinese in school. Whatspp for more details.

    Bugis (3 mins from MRT)
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