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    At Inspiren, we keep prices low and value high. With MOE teacher Mr Jaye as our chief mentor, and with classroom rates as low as $30/hr, we ensure you/and your child get more for the buck.


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    Inspiren is a Chinese language school specialising in building speciality Chinese Strengthening programmes for children and early learners. Grounded in Singapore, Inspiren is aware of local learning realities and difficulties and hence has hand-crafted a set of syllabus specially catered for developing proficient users and learners of the Chinese language in our bilingual learning context.


    Based upon the basics of linguistics and unique grammar patterns and individual word meanings of Chinese language, Inspiren's courses have been proven to make learners, especially from English-speaking backgrounds, 'really and deeply' understand the Chinese language and 'how it works'.


    | Many a time, students do not improve on their Chinese because school lessons and tuition go through test papers and exercises with passages and questions that the child does not understand and hence cannot do. The cycle repeats when the student merely copies answers from the teacher without really understanding and learning.


    Differentiating itself from conventional teaching of 词语 (vocabulary) and exam paper-drilling in schools and most other tuition centres, Inspiren's speciality Chinese Strengthening Programme goes deep into word basics, grammar, sentence construction, speaking habits, writing habits and strokes recognition, etc., all based upon the philosophy of 'thinking with the Chinese mind'.


    Normal Tuition Programme

    Rate (Centre): $30/hr

    For: Secondary and Primary students (and JC)

    Duration: 1.5/2hr lessons

    Weekly skills-based lessons to hone composition skills and exam answering techniques


    Composition 作文

    Cloze and Comprehension 填空与问答

    Email & Functional writing 电邮/实用文

    Oral & Listening 口试听力

    Some Grammar tips 语法贴士


    Chinese Strengthening Programme

    Rate (Centre): $30/hr

    For: Secondary and Primary students (and JC)

    Duration: 2hr lessons

    Weekly foundation-building classes to mould and strengthen basic language skills in all areas


    Names of Places 地方名称

    Actions and Positions 动作和方位

    Adverbs 副词

    Speaking 说话

    Recognising words 认字

    Writing strokes and words 笔画和写字

    Reading 阅读

    Writing prose 书写

    Comprehension 理解问答

    Cloze Passage 选词填空

    Email & Functional writing 电邮/实用文

    Oral presentation and conversation 口头报告与对话

    Listening comprehension 听力理解

    List of vocab and idioms (Pri/Sec) 词语成语(分小学/中学)


    Adult Mandarin Course

    Rate (Centre): $30/hr

    For: Secondary and Primary students (and JC)

    Duration: 2hr lessons

    Weekly/fortnightly lessons to practise Mandarin conversation and cover various topics of interest


    Greetings and Titles 问候及称呼

    Numbers and Dates 数字和日期

    Names of Places 地方名称

    Actions and Positions 动作和方位

    Adverbs 副词

    Speaking 说话

    Recognising words 认字

    Writing strokes and words 笔画和写字

    Reading 阅读

    Writing prose 书写


    Centre venues:

    Bugis | Bugis Village 67B Queen St (3F), Singapore 188546 (3 mins from MRT)

    Tampines West | 802 Tampines Ave 4 Unit 01-11 (2F), Singapore 520802 (1 min from MRT)


    Points to note before lessons:

    1. At least one parent is to accompany the child while he/she reports for the first lesson. This is to be familiar with the location and to settle some administrative matters.


    2. Students are to be punctual for all lessons and no make-ups would be conducted without supporting documents like MC. Lesson days and times are to be adhered to strictly without changes.


    3. You can get your child to do this diagnostic test (link) before coming for the first lesson so as to help get a gauge of his standard.

    Chinese Strengthening Programme


    Weekly foundation-building classes to mould and strengthen basic language skills in all areas

    Normal Tuition Programme


    Weekly skills-based lessons to hone composition skills and exam answering techniques

    Online Mandarin for Adults


    Weekly/fortnightly lessons via Skype to practise Mandarin conversation and cover various topics of interest

    Adult Mandarin Programme


    Weekly/fortnightly lessons to practise Mandarin conversation and cover various topics of interest at place of student's convenience

    China Studies in English (JC)


    Once-a-week lesson to reinforce concepts and discuss and brainstorm content and analyses (can also be online)

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    We will contact you regarding the details ie. lesson timings, tuition fees, etc.

    You may refer to the schedule here.

    Tampines | Bugis | Katong
    +65 8813 2763 | +65 9831 8018
  • Classes for 2019

    Timings and venues may be adjusted according to students' preference.


    Mondays - Fridays

    3.30-5.30pm | 5.30-7.30pm


    Saturdays - Sundays



  • About the Instructor 导师简介

    Inspiren's Chief Instructor Mr Chang Jie Yu has years of experience teaching in government secondary schools (Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High/Serangoon Garden Secondary) in Singapore. Specialising in the Chinese language, he has experience in all levels and standards of Chinese language teaching, from the high-aptitude Higher Chinese to the lower-ability Chinese B syllabus. Having been a form teacher in Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) stream classes, he has a knack at conveying ideas with all kinds of students.


    As a private tutor, Mr Chang had the opportunity to work with a even wider range of students, including those taking the Gifted Programme (Tao Nan Primary) and the IB/IGCSE syllabus (ACS/St Margaret's Secondary). Apart from Primary and Secondary Chinese, Mr Chang can also teach Chinese at the JC Level (SAJC) and China Studies in English at the JC level (TJC/NYJC).


    After his experience both in the private and public sector education, and dealing with students from varying backgrounds, Mr Chang has also formulated his own set of teaching materials that can build a solid foundation in a child's Chinese learning journey from scratch. Calling it the "Chinese Strengthening Programme", it involves 16 lessons of 2 hours each, covering the foundational building-blocks modules like Chinese grammar, sentence structure, strokes writing, casual speaking, as well as school exam-targeted elements like cloze passage, comprehension and oral answering and composition writing skills.


    The course can be complemented with an 8-lesson exam-intensive training programme that further strengthens exam techniques and answering skills through practices and corrections.


    Desired outcomes in students of Inspiren's lessons include:

    - deep understanding of Chinese words, their meanings, how they form into a 词 (word compound) and 词组 (groups of words)

    - ability to write proper, grammatically-correct Chinese sentences, instead of 'English-translated sentences'.

    - ability to speak like a native Chinese while knowing the local nuances to the language

    - ability to understand the workings and usage of the Chinese language 'from a Chinese perpective'

    - etc.


    All these done in a comfortable, fun and interesting way using the following strategies:

    - step-by-step approach to building the 'blocks' of language learning

    - deep explanation of word meanings to let students fully grasp the nuance and use of the words and pharses, and make logical links (联想) with other words and phrases, ie. 'wasting more time at the start so as to save much more time later when learning new words'

    - use of English explanation to word use to aid understanding and learning

    - use of video stimulus as appropriate to increase native exposure to the language


  • Locations 地点

    We have partnerships with centres all around Singapore. All classrooms are equipped with whiteboard, projectors, air-conditioning, etc.



    Venue: student's home (for 1-1),

    or Tampines/Bugis centre.



    Venue: student's home (for 1-1),

    or Tampines/Bugis centre,

    or Skype/students' convenient location.


    Tampines: 802 Tampines Ave 4 Unit 01-11 (2F), Singapore 520802

    (1 min from Tampines West MRT)

    Bugis: Bugis Village 67B Queen St (3F), Singapore 188546

    (3 mins from Bugis MRT)



  • Latest Testimonials 历届学生推荐辞


    张老师的课很有趣,他会用各种有趣的方法来加强我的华文,比如说阅读报纸、一些出名作家的文章等。他也教了我很多新的词的用法,以及阅读理解的回答技巧。Overall rating: 4.5/5!

    -Primary 6 HCL student, Feb 2018. 道南学校小学六年级高级华文班(高才班 Gifted Programme)学生,2018年2月。


    He shows me cartoons that I like and taught me some new words and phrases, in a way that makes Chinese easy for me and helps my school work. He is also encouraging and motivating me to learn more.

    -Primary 4 student, Feb 2018.


    He is very helpful and tries his best to help me understand and improve my Chinese. He also makes the lesson more enjoyable by smiling and brightening the mood and makes me look forward to the lesson. He also does not criticise me when I make mistakes but encourages me to do better all the time.


    Grade improvement from Mid-Yr to End-of-Yr: C6 to B3.

    -Secondary 2 student at ACS, March 2018.


    I'm not so scared anymore when it comes to comprehension. I have learnt a lot on how to deal with comprehension questions.

    Grade improvement from Start-of-Yr to End-of-Yr: C6 to A1.

    -Secondary 2 IB student, ACSI, Feb 2018.


    I got B3 for Chinese overall (O Levels), distinction for oral and listening comprehension. I won't be retaking the O Levels end-of-year, thank you for teaching me!

    Grade improvement from Start-of-Yr to Mid-Yr: C6 to B3

    -Secondary 4 student, Aug 2018.


    Her recent Chinese composition and comprehension, she did better than I thought! She got M D D W for her Chinese assessment! M is mastering - the highest, D is developing, W is working towards.

    -Parent of Secondary 2 IB student, St Magaret's, Nov 2018.


    For this CA2 test, I got A1 for the first time (from C6), so happy!

    -Secondary 1 student, Presbyterian High School, Aug 2018.


    Mr Chang is really skilled at comprehension and composition skills training. Under his guidance, I finally understand what it takes to write a good story and 'inspire' readers. I am also better at the consolidation and summary questions in the comprehension section. I am now more confident in Chinese even though I have only had lessons with him for less than 3 months.

    Grade improvement: D to B (Prelims)

    -JC1 student (A Level CL), SAJC, Oct 2018.


    I got B for my Prelims! (From C)

    I think it's my best or 2nd best performance at the A Levels this year, so I'm very satisfied with the paper. Overall very doable! Thank you for your guidance, Mr Chang!

    -JC2 student (CSE), TJC, Nov 2018.

  • Why Group Lessons? 为什么要一起上课?

    Centre/group tuition or enrichment lessons help the child develop certain skills and aptitude in a way that 1-1 tuition cannot.


    1. Interactive component (互动性): We all know textbooks today are so different from those of yester-years. Today's education landscape also emphasises a lot on collaborative learning and peer sharing. Your child will most likely land in a job that requires him to work with many stakeholders and colleagues, and present in front of a large audience, rather than a solo work project. Groupwork skills and interactive engagement are essential skills that not only help learning, but also help in their future careers.


    2. Creativity (创意思维): What makes a child gain more knowledge and experience in the world? Hearing from peers and learning from others. While the teacher can do all the talking and cite all the examples, hearing it from someone of the same age group helps give the child a sense of relation and is something he can easily link and associate with. The brainstorming of ideas in the group sessions help spark creative juices and new ideas in their work of writing and even speaking.


    3. Less stress (压力较小): Would you rather your child feel 'pressurised to perform' or 'prove himself' during every 1-1 tuition lesson, or would you rather him go and 'enjoy a lesson in a group and have fun while learning'? All qualified educators would recommend the latter as a more effective and holistic approach to educating and acquiring knowledge and wisdom. Imagine yourself attending a Korean or Arabic lesson on your own, versus having a whole class to chat and mix and share learning insights with - the answer should be obvious!


    4. Leadership qualities (领导能力): 21st century workplaces are all about leadership. So many corporate relationships turn sour due to lack of leadership effectiveness; and so many companies fail as a result of poor corporate management. A child who can learn to facilitate, support and lead, is way ahead of others in terms of personal and corporate qualities. And these can only be honed through the frequent exercise of such qualities in none other than the classroom.


    5. Attentiveness (专注力): We all know home is a place for shelter and rest - and alas, it is also a place for leisure and play! Sometimes, the home can just be a little too 'comfortable' to get children into the 'mood' for learning. An external envrionment that is conducive facilitates the learning process by setting the child's mind and soul right, and he has less 'lackadaisical' tendency.


    6: Learning from peers (同侪间学习): This is by far the most important and relevant reason why group lessons are better than individual 1-1 lessons. Studies have shown that learning in a group, especially one with varying learning levels and abilities, helps all children in the class learn better: "Mixed-level classes can help everyone learn more. The lower-level learners will be pushed more than if they were alone, and the higher-level learners can solidify their knowledge by helping others."


    7: More quality-guarantee and no agency fees (更高质量保障/没有介绍费): Most tuition agencies engage 1-1 tutors because it is easier to facilitate and they get to earn a lucrative 50% off the first month of a tutor's tuition fees. That is a substantial sum of money, and in fact gives the agency an incentive to help parents find more 1-1 tutors, even if it means parents keep changing tutors. Also as a result, tutors' quality is hard to control and monitor as agencies work on a one-off basis with these tutors. Whereas, for centre/group lessons, the teaching staff would need to guard his teaching and the centre is entirely responsible and accountable of teaching quality.


    Read more here: Group lessons are better for learning Chinese than individual ones | Inspiren Education


  • Affordable rates 最低价格最高价值

    Normal Tuition 普通补习

    RATE (CENTRE): $30/HR

    RATE (HOME): $50(PRI)/60(SEC)/70(JC)/HR



    Chinese Strengthening 华文强化

    RATE (CENTRE): $30/HR

    RATE (HOME): $50(PRI)/60(SEC)/70(JC)/HR



    Adult Mandarin 成人汉语

    RATE (CENTRE): $30/HR

    RATE (HOME): $50-60/HR


  • Diagnostic Test 测评

    Get your child to do this diagnostic test before coming for our lessons so as to help us ascertain their level so we can help them learn better.

  • Free Gifts for 2019 new students and parents!

    New Inspiren students will get a Doraemon notebook each upon commencement of class.

    Parents get a free Inspiring Stories for Parents guidebook containing useful parenting tips and insightful articles to help you cope better with parenting challenges.

  • Sharings 分享文章

    Ideas, secrets and inspirations.

    O Level Chinese has 3 main components: Oral and Listening, Email and Composition, and Cloze and Comprehension. 1 Oral: Language and Content Oral examination has two components: passage reading and video discussion. For passage reading, candidates should always speak in a voice that fits the...
    The topic of (and controversy over) private tuition is as old as it can be in Singapore. After all, it is a billion-dollar industry - alongside the Ministry of Education's $12.8 billion - which some say is too big for comfort. If one takes a look at the main consumers of private tuition in...
            首先,我们要问,学生在家讲华语,但这个华语的程度是多少。毕竟,口语和书面语是有差异的。会说不等于会写。再说,新加坡华语本身有其不够标准的地方,与考试时要求的标准中文也是有落差的。         就算父母是华文老师,甚至华文教授,我们也看到很多他们的孩子,在学校的华文成绩不堪入目。这是为什么呢?难道他们在家里疏于管教?也不是。对孩子没有鼓励和支持?肯定不是。或许是没时间陪伴孩子学习吧。但,我们看得出一个问题——孩子的华文学习之旅除了家庭里的使用情况外,可能家以外的环境以及自身学习的动力和兴趣,也是至关重要的。         说「他们在家讲华语,他们的母语是华语,...
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