Course structure
> A 10-week short introduction course of ancient China’s history.
> Each week we spend two hours discussing ancient China: time, space and individuals as well as the role of power, bureacracy and ideology in the process of change.
> Each week we will introduce one individual and through him we see the progress and changes in ancient China. Each presenting different change and development in history.
> Each individual presents a turning point in Chinese history.
> From these changes we will able to see how China is formed and divided, up and down, success and failure.

Course instructor
> Mr Chang Leong Hua is a life-long learner who have completed many online courses from edX, coursera, Stanford online, xuetangX, 中国大学MOOC, and Chinesemooc etc.
> Leong Hua first visited China in 1987 as a Singapore journalist, reporting the development in Southern China. Being a graduate of Nanyang University, he has developed interest in Chinese history, culture and politics. He is also a MBA graduate from Massey University, New Zealand. His work experience covering journalism, trade analysis, business development and consultancy.

Course venue

The course can be conducted at the convenience of your office workplace.

Course fees

$1000 for a 1-30-person (company decides how many to send) class of 10 lessons.

Contact us to find out more details.

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