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Why you need Inspiren's Chinese Strengthening Programme | Inspire人

To really raise your child's language proficiency so he can ace the exams without stress

Programme introduction

Based upon the basics of linguistics and unique grammar patterns and individual word meanings of Chinese language, Inspiren's courses have been proven to make learners, especially from English-speaking backgrounds, 'really and deeply' understand the Chinese language and 'how it works'.

Many a time, students do not improve on their Chinese language and exams because school lessons and tuition focus on going through texts that the child does not understand and test-format questions that the student cannot do. The cycle repeats with the student copying answers again and again without understanding and learning from mistakes.

Differentiating itself from conventional teaching of 词语 (vocabulary) and exam paper-drilling in schools and most other tuition centres, Inspiren's speciality All-round Chinese Strengthening Programme goes deep into word basics, grammar, sentence construction, speaking habits, writing habits and strokes recognition, etc., all based upon the philosophy of 'thinking with the Chinese mind'.

Programme outcomes

- deep understanding of Chinese words, their meanings, how they form into a 词 (word compound) and 词组 (groups of words)

- ability to write proper, grammatically-correct Chinese sentences, instead of 'English-translated sentences'.

- ability to speak like a native Chinese while knowing the local nuances to the language

- ability to understand the workings and usage of the Chinese language 'from a Chinese perpective'

- etc.

Programme strategies

- step-by-step approach to building the 'blocks' of language learning

- deep explanation of word meanings to let students fully grasp the nuance and use of the words and pharses, and make logical links (联想) with other words and phrases, ie. 'wasting more time at the start so as to save much more time later when learning new words'

- use of English explanation to word use to aid understanding and learning

- use of video stimulus as appropriate to increase native exposure to the language

Programme lesson plan (Strengthening part - 4 months/ 16 lessons)

Lesson 1 - Places

Lesson 2 - Action words

Lesson 3 -Adverbs

Lesson 4 - Speaking

Lesson 5 - Recognising words

Lesson 6 - Writing words

Lesson 7 - Reading

Lesson 8 - Writing prose

Lesson 9 - Comprehension

Lesson 10 - Cloze Passage

Lesson 11 - Functional Writing

Lesson 12 - Oral presentation and conversation

Lesson 13 - Listening comprehension

Lesson 14-16 List of vocab and idioms (Pri/Sec)

Programme lesson plan (Exam-preparation part - 2 months/ 8 lessons)

Lesson 1 & 5 - Composition

Lesson 2 & 6 - Cloze and Comprehension

Lesson 3 & 7 - Functional writing

Lesson 4 & 8 - Oral & Listening

Who will conduct it?

cilck here

Inspiren's Chief Instructor Mr Chang Jie Yu has years of experience teaching in government secondary schools (Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High/Serangoon Garden Secondary) in Singapore. Specialising in the Chinese language, he has experience in all levels and standards of Chinese language teaching, from the high-aptitude Higher Chinese to the lower-ability Chinese B syllabus. Having been a form teacher in Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) stream classes, he has a knack at conveying ideas with all kinds of students.

Programme schedule





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From Lesson 2 - Actions
From Lesson 2 - Actions (Directions)
From Lesson 3 - Adverbs
From Lesson 6 - learning strokes
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